Free Needs Analysis – We listen, discuss and understand your ideas and requirements with regards to your venue in order to progress to the next stage of your engagement with R&W.


Testing, Measurement & Analysis – We visit you to test, measure and carry out the relevant analyses on your venue in order to gather a comprehensive and detailed picture (represented by information, data stats, volumetrics and reports) of all factors relating to your specification.

Design & Consultancy – Turning concepts into inspired designs, we work with you to create an optimum solution based on your specifications. Whether it’s concept-design, troubleshooting, or development planning, we walk you through the steps to enable your visions for your venue’s technology and infrastructure to become reality.


Product Supply – Providing you with the latest technologies and innovations; access to high-quality, leading products and materials at affordable prices. R&W has a comprehensive catalogue of products certified compliant with EC standards including a range of environmentally-friendly raw materials and coverings free of carcinogenic substances (CMR) and which do no emit any volatile organic compounds. For R&W’s pricing structure, and further information on products available, contact

Installation – We install according to your specification using a highly trained, skilled and experienced installation team to ensure the consummate execution of your install. Our flexibility enables work to be done at your convenience and as unobtrusively as possible. Reliable installers; Flawless finish; Quality results.


Service & Maintenance  When it comes to servicing and maintaining technical systems and equipment, you want assurance of R&W’s on-going technical support and maintenance services, because keeping breakdowns to a minimum and extending the working life of your equipment is essential.  Bespoke repair, service and maintenance contracts are available through Annual; emergency call-out; one-off remedial works; scheduled maintenance visits also available. Fast, efficient and tailored to your needs!

On-Going Support – You want you to be confident that our experts are on hand to support you with your venue’s technology, whether it be providing refresher training and enhanced user-skills, free annual reviews, maintenance programmes, or further development.


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